Coronavirus and protecting our team members and patients

March 6, 2020

AllianceRx Walgreens Prime’s main priorities are the patients we serve and the team members who work to provide important and life-saving medications to our patients. With that in mind, AllianceRx Walgreens Prime has provided the following information pertaining to COVID-19 (coronavirus):


•   We are implementing steps to protect our patients and team members as the virus has become more widespread. We have encouraged them to learn more and follow guidelines about the virus from credible sources such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). This includes encouraging them to visit their health care provider if they think they have been exposed to COVID-19. 


•   We are working with our payer clients to align on refill restrictions like dynamic prior authorizations and advanced refills on specialty prescriptions. Those changes will be made on a case-by-case basis. 


•   Based on a patient’s insurance coverage and prescription status, ordering a prescription through home delivery to get a 90-day supply is quick, easy and shipping is free. Patients may order by visiting


•   Our facilities team is following standard cold and flu prevention protocol by daily cleaning high-traffic areas in all our offices. 


•   As a further precaution, we have implemented a company-wide hold on all non-essential travel until further notice. We’re asking those that visit our facilities to follow the CDC guidelines if they have been in high-risk areas in the past 14 days.


As a health care company, we have a unique responsibility to care for our team members and help patients during this time. We will continue to closely monitor the situation via the CDC and the WHO and provide regular updates as the situation develops.